I buy often online - I purchase almost everything except for fresh groceries, online. Keeneorganics.com by far is the best online merchant I have ever dealt with. I sell myself on Amazon, and I am not as good of a seller as Keeneorganics.com This was the first time I've tried to plant garlic. Seemed expensive to me to buy organic when I could have just bought the cheap stuff at the grocery and hoped for the best - but I stumbled across Keeneorganics.com and they seemed like real people, so I bought a starter pack, and told them where I lived. What followed was a rapid exchange of emails, making sure I had the proper garlic for my area, and the knowledge with what to do with it. I received my product within 2 days, but didn't want to plant until a few weeks later. When I did plant - I realized I had forgotten to ask about watering - so I sent off an email. Within 30 minutes, I had my answer. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Even though I can save some of my garlic harvest next year to re-plant, I'll be back to Keeneorganics to try different kinds .... just an awesome experience all around. D. Sarhan, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 10/2/2015

Keene Garlic,

You sent me garlic last year - it is AMAZING  !!  I texted you a few photos throughout the season (I'm in NJ near the coast) and everything you recommended - including harvesting the scapes and fertilizing, produced amazing garlic.  I want to get my order in early so I can try different garlics - and I'll be sending all my friends who have tried my garlic your way !  For the Variety Pack - you choose, but I don't think I can go wrong with whatever you send LOL!    D. Sarhan, Egg Harbor Township, NJ   7/27/2016

Dear Keene,

We wanted to express our gratitude for you generosity and efforts to help us with our orders over the past 2 years.  We love to grow garlic as much as we love to eat it.  It is so satisfying to harvest such beautiful garlic.  We look forward to it every year! J. Rossi Mullica Hill, NJ 7/15/2016

Dear Keene Organics,

Just a quick email to thank for the beautiful garlic you sent me for my order.  I received it in good order.  I am so pleased with the size and quality of it.  Again, millions of thanks.  May I post your website link to some of the gardening Facebook pages I follow/belong to?  I want everyone I know, to get to know you folks and the quality of your garlic. 

Sincerely, Gary Y., Burlington, NJ 9/22/2015

Keene Organics,

I received the garlic I ordered from you yesterday, and it looks great. Big bulbs and cloves, unlike what I have ordered from others in the past. Thanks so much. I have recommended to our MSU Campus Garden managers that they order from you. Clydette 9/24/14

Good Morning,

Our garlic from Keene Organics turned out fine.  In fact, it's the best harvest we've ever had.  Unforunately, I ordered garlic last year from _________ from Oregon and it struggled all summer.  I planted 20lbs. and harvested 27 probably the worst planted to harvest ratio I've seen yet.  However, what we received from you went very well, vigorous plants, large bulbs, popular at the farmer's market.  Thanks.

Marvin B. 8/20/2015


Sorry I didn’t thank you sooner for sending me the additional, 2 large garlic heads, but I was out of town and just got back yesterday. I was able to plant all my garlic last Wed night before all the rain hit. I appreciate what you did and thank you for stepping up. You have a quality organization. Respectfully, Paul B. 10/6/2013

Keene Garlic,

I received my replacement garlic yesterday...thank you very much for your generosity ...be back next year for another order.
You guys rock !  Philip S. Hedgesville,wVa 9/29/2015

Hi there! 
I'm planting my beautiful Italian Red Porcelain today - I've soaked the cloves in the fish emulsion and baking soda last night, and getting ready to do my second soak in alcohol.  I just have one question, which I've tried to find the answer to but can't: 
Do I have to water the garlic after I cover it with soil?  It's been two years since I planted, so I can't remember. 
Thanks for any advice you can provide.  Robin 10/24/2015

If it was not for you and all your help teaching me how to grow garlic this year, I would not of had such a sucessful year growing garlic.  All your help is greatly appreciated and I'm now a sucessfull garlic grower. Roseann, Ann Arbor, MI 8/13/2010

“Great service , thanks for the great garlic too!" Cathy T.  10/12/2009

I order garlic every year and have been received the best garlic every year and it always performs well.  Thank you, Jack S. 10/18/2012

Owner was wonderful. Called for advice before making purchase. Definitely the best combination of web and personal service combined. E. Shoudy, CT 9/17/10

First time user-it was easy and swift. Items arrived in good condition. M. Ahlborn, Tridell UT 9/10/2010

The paypal payment site, i know is secure, but not so easy to manuver around. I called them and they made the process easy to order. I even got tips on growing garlic. The garlic showed up looking great and healthy. We need more garlic farmers like this. D. Dellerba, Parksville NY 9/21/2011

Working with a really person was wonderful and their knowledge of growing garlic was very helpful. I grew their garlic last year with great success, so I had to get more and their garlic looks and grows great! Thanks Keene Organics! You're awesome M. Mann, Mount Calvery WA 9/21/2011

Beautiful garlic. We have ordered new garlics from them every year and all the arrrives great, the garlic grows great, and we are now excited with all our garlic A. Schamberg, Waukesha, WI 9/26/2011

Full of great garlic information. Great family farm and knowledgeable about growing garlic. Our garlic grew great last year, so we had to buy more. D. Moyer, Sylvania, OH 10/12/2011

Put simply, they're just marvelous people with a fantastic business. Very friendly and eager to help their customers; great selection, fresh and healthy products, reasonably priced [especially for their out-of-this-world quality] shipped promptly and carefully. PERFECT!  A. Pfeiffer
Charleston,  IL 8/18/2012

Competent and friendly. A welcomed personal touch. Product received in excellent condition. I will recommend Keene Organic to my friends and acquaintances. M. Somero, Sequim WA 12/10/2013

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