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How much garlic do I need for planting?


Purple StripeChesnok Red, Vietnamese Red

Marbled Purple Stripe - Not Pictured - Siberian, Metechi

*The number of cloves per bulb varies, so please use this an estimate!  Plant cloves 6" apart.

*Based on 2" Bulbs.  There will be less cloves per pound with the jumbo sized bulbs.

We sell our garlic in half pound increments.  There are price discounts starting at 1lb. or check our variety packs. On average, there are usually 4 bulbs per 1/2lb. and 8 bulbs per pounds for 2" bulbs.  Jumbo bulbs have 3 bulbs per 1/2lb. and 6 bulbs per pound. 

Average Cloves Per Pound by Garlic Variety
Garlic Variety​Amount of cloves per bulbAvg. Cloves/bulb

Approx. Cloves/lb.

Linear Feet 1 Pound will plant


Porcelain 2-643216

Purple Stripe

Marbled Purple Stripe4-754020
Artichoke6-12Use 8 largest6432
Silverskin7-12Use 8 largest6432