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We have some great 2018 Garlic seed stock with nice healthy bulbs of and these did the best this year:

Majestic, German Extra Hardy, German Red, Pehoski, Chesnok Red, Music, Romanian red, Georgian Fire.

2018 was a strange year for growing garlic in Wisconsin with the early and late extended winter, Snow on the ground May 1st, and 90+ degree temps 25 days later, our stems and scapes on the plant were thinner than we had ever seen before and we thought the garlic would be smaller than usual. We figured timing the harvest perfectly would be crucial to getting the largest bulbs. Go to our Facebook page and you will see pics of Garlic on the left was harvested 7 days before the garlic on the right and as you can see size increased about a 1/4”+. It seems the size up of garlic bulbs is really occurring later this year.  Overall, yields were down with the cold spring, but we are seeing this across the nation and not just Wisconsin.  So I would recommend, ordering your garlic early for best availability. 

Check out our Facebook page for posts and pics on growing garlic this year!

We usually say to harvest garlic when there are about five green leaves remaining on the garlic plant, or 50% of the plant has died from the bottom, or the garlic scape is pointing towards the sky, or you cut the bulb in half to see if the cloves are starting to slightly pull away from the stem, or more importantly you keep pulling a few bulbs to see if it is ready to harvest. It was a strange year this year as our Georgian fire had 6 to 7 Greenleaves remaining, but when we pulled them and the bulb size was over 2 1/2 inches, fully formed, nice shoulders, we were able to make a good decision that although there were more leaves than our usual indicator it was time to get them harvested. The entire crop looked great this year although overall bulb sizer were slightly smaller, but they are a great healthy garlic bulbs.


Our garlic harvest is almost done! This soil conditions were so perfect and we were able to pull the garlic right out of the ground by hand which is the first time we’ve been able to do this because usually we use and undercutter or garden forks.

Many gardeners are calling asking about how to cure garlic. Here is a great example of how we are curing garlic in our garage by laying them flat away from sunlight and having a fan blowing on them to make sure they get plenty of air flow making sure the temperature does not get above 105°. You can cut off the leaves leaving 6 inches of stem. You can also hang them in bundles of 10. Try to brush off as much dirt off the roots and around the bulb to prevent mold issues.  We usually pull the lowest green leaf at harvest to completely clean the bulb. We could also bring the garlic into our house, but the fresh garlic smell can get a little intense. Please feel free to share your pictures in the comment section of how you are curing your garlic to share with other gardeners.